Air Quality Management


  • To achieve the air quality standards.
  • To minimize the discharge of air pollutants in Lyceum of the Philippines University premises.


This cover air emissions throughout the University premises.


  • Clean Air Act of 2009
  • Executive No. 26, Series of 2017 (Providing for the Establishment of Smoke-Free Environments in Public and Enclosed Places)


  • IMS Committee shall ensure activities and processes will not result in discharge of air contaminants or in environmental pollution.
  • Air contaminant shall mean any substance that is emitted into the air and that can cause the following:injures or is capable of injuring the health or safety of a person;
    • injures or is capable of injuring property or any life form;
    • interferes or is capable of interfering with visibility;
    • is capable of interfering with the normal conduct of business;
    • causes or is capable of causing material physical discomfort to a person; or
    • damages or is capable of damaging the environment.
  • Generator set and other related equipment that discharge emission shall be operated in accordance to the manufacturer’s standard;
  • The Buildings and Grounds shall notify the Management in case of malfunction resulting in air contaminants discharge;
  • An emission test shall be conducted for LPU vehicles and generator set on a yearly basis or as required by the regulatory agencies;
  •  Preventive Maintenance shall be conducted to the equipment to lessen the breakdown and improve the emission;
  • Generator is intended to be operated only in case of emergency;
  • LPU shall strictly implement or enforce a ban on smoking inside a school building or in an enclosed place.  A “No smoking” sign shall be posted in strategic areas;
  • “Open burning” or burning any materials in any quantities, which can cause emission of toxic and poisonous fumes shall be not be allowed;
  • Air emission sources should be equipped with pollution control devices such as fumehood, filtration screen, scrubbers etc.