Smoke-Free Policy

Policy Statement:

Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all members of the academic community, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors. In line with this commitment and in compliance with local laws and regulations promoting public health, LPU strictly prohibits smoking and the use of tobacco products within its premises.


This policy applies to all individuals within the premises of Lyceum of the Philippines University, including all campuses, facilities, and properties owned or operated by the university.


Smoking: The act of inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted tobacco product, including cigarettes, cigars, vapes and pipes.

Tobacco Products: Any product made or derived from tobacco that is intended for human consumption, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vapes, and smokeless tobacco.

Policy Guidelines:

  1. No-Smoking Zones: Smoking is strictly prohibited in all indoor areas, including classrooms, libraries, offices, restrooms, hallways, stairwells, elevators, and any enclosed spaces within the university premises. Smoking is also prohibited in outdoor areas where designated smoking areas are not established.
  2. Tobacco Advertising and Promotion: The promotion, distribution, and sale of tobacco products are prohibited within the university premises. Any form of tobacco-related advertising or promotion is also prohibited.
  3. Enforcement and Penalties: All members of the academic community, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors, are expected to comply with this smoke-free policy. Non-compliance may result in appropriate disciplinary action, which may include fines, warnings, or other sanctions as determined by the university administration.
  4. Education and Support: The university will provide information, resources, and support to individuals who wish to quit smoking. Smoking cessation programs and resources will be made available to assist those who want to quit.
  5. Communication: The smoke-free policy will be communicated to all members of the academic community through various channels, including orientation programs, signage, website announcements, and educational campaigns.
  6. Review and Amendment: This smoke-free policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Amendments may be made based on evolving best practices and legal requirements.

By adhering to this smoke-free policy, Lyceum of the Philippines University aims to create a healthier and more conducive learning and working environment for everyone, while promoting the well-being and overall health of its academic community.

Initially Approved Effective: June 10, 2008
Rev. 1 Reviewed, Amended, Approved, and Effective: July 28, 2023