Research Independence Policy and Guidelines


The Research Independence Policy and Guidelines aim to uphold and promote the principles of academic freedom, integrity, and autonomy within Lyceum of the Philippines University. This policy outlines the expectations, responsibilities, and rights of researchers to pursue their scholarly activities with independence and impartiality.


This policy applies to all faculty members, researchers, and students engaged in research activities under the auspices of LPU.


  • Academic Freedom: Researchers have the right to freely pursue their scholarly interests and disseminate their findings without undue influence or interference.
  • Intellectual Integrity: Researchers are expected to conduct their work with honesty, transparency, and accountability, adhering to ethical standards and best practices in research.
  • Impartiality: Research should be conducted without bias or conflict of interest, ensuring objectivity and fairness in the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Open Inquiry: Researchers have the freedom to explore diverse perspectives, methodologies, and areas of inquiry, fostering innovation and intellectual diversity.


  1. Freedom of Inquiry
    • Researchers have the right to choose their research topics, methodologies, and collaborators based on academic merit and relevance.
    • No external pressure or influence should impede the freedom of researchers to pursue their scholarly interests.
  2. Academic Integrity
    • Researchers are expected to adhere to ethical principles and professional standards in all aspects of their research, including data collection, analysis, and reporting.
    • Any instances of academic misconduct, including plagiarism, fabrication, or falsification of data, will be investigated, and addressed in accordance with institutional policies and procedures.
  3. Conflict of Interest
    • Researchers must disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may compromise the integrity or impartiality of their research.
    • Measures should be taken to mitigate conflicts of interest, such as recusal from decision-making processes or transparent disclosure of affiliations.
  4. Institutional Support
    • The institution will provide researchers necessary resources, training, and support to uphold academic freedom, integrity, and impartiality.
    • Regular training sessions, workshops, and seminars on research ethics, methodologies, and best practices will be conducted.
    • Researchers will have access to institutional resources such as libraries, laboratories, and funding opportunities to support their scholarly activities.
  5. External Funding and Sponsorship
    • Researchers are encouraged to pursue external funding opportunities to support their research endeavors.
    • However, external funding should not undermine the independence or objectivity of the research process.
    • Transparency and accountability should be maintained regarding the sources of funding and any potential influence on the research outcomes.
  6. Academic Freedom
    • Researchers have the right to express their scholarly opinions and findings without censorship or reprisal.
    • The institution will support and defend the academic freedom of researchers in accordance with established principles and legal protections.
  7. Compliance and Enforcement
    • Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all individuals engaged in research activities within the institution.
    • Violations of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to reprimand, suspension of research privileges, or termination of employment or academic enrollment. Refer to LPU Employee Manual
    • Reports can be made to the Center for Research and Innovation (CRIN) via email, phone, or in-person meetings.
  8. Implementation:
    • The Center for Research and Innovation (CRIN) is responsible for overseeing the implementation and enforcement of this policy, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders across the institution.
    • Researchers are encouraged to consult with the CRIN for guidance on specific issues or inquiries related to research independence.
    • Clear communication channels will be established to address questions, concerns, and inquiries related to research independence.
  9. Review and Revision
    • This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its relevance and effectiveness. Feedback from faculty members, researchers, and students will be solicited to inform potential revisions. The Center for Research and Innovation (CRIN) will coordinate the review process and recommend any necessary changes to the Academic Council for approval. Any amendments to this policy will be communicated to all stakeholders and will take effect upon approval by the Academic Council.