Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Lyceum of the Philippines University?

The Lyceum of the Philippines University is a school system in the Philippines that has five affiliate campuses which are located in Manila, Makati, Batangas, Laguna and Cavite.

The LPU system espouses the ideals of its first founder, Jose P. Laurel – the third president of the Philippines, bearing its signature motto – Veritas et Fortitudo, Pro Deo et Patria which means Truth and Courage, for God and Country.

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2. How does one qualify for admission into LPU?

3. What are the degree and non-degree courses offered by LPU?

  • Manila Campus
  • Batangas Campus
  • Laguna Campus
  • Cavite Campus
  • Makati Campus

4. What is the medium of instruction used in LPU?

English is used for classroom instruction except for Filipino and other foreign language subjects.

5. What are the scholarship grants and financial aid offered by LPU?

6. Does LPU offers programs for Senior High School students? If yes, what are the tracks and programs offered by each campus?

LPU Manila, Batangas, Laguna, and Cavite offers Senior High School programs. Each campus has different offering such as follows: (Link to SHS Sites)

Manila Campus

Batangas Campus

Laguna Campus

Cavite Campus

7. How can I post jobs for LPU alumni?

You may post jobs for LPU Alumni by sending us a message through the contact forms in our websites.

8. What are the requirements for foreigners who want to study in LPU?

(See Question 2)