Support Services for Mental Health Conditions

Support Services for Mental Health Concerns

  1. LPU Manila through its Guidance and Testing Center has partnership with the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) for the Mental Health Facilitation (MHF) Program (MOA signing last November 18, 2019)
  1. LPU Manila conducted the First Mental Health Facilitators (MHF) Training of 3 Master Trainers last Nov 17, 2019 and MHF Training-the-Trainers last November 18-20, 2019 with 27 teachers, counselors, psychologists and other professionals:
  1. Online counseling service increased drastically from a total of 215 students in AY 2018-2019 to a total of 1012 students in AY 2019-2020. Out of 1012 cases, 616 cases were regarding online classes and enrollment concerns, 113 cases were mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety and other cases were family and personal concerns.
  1. GTC mobilized the Peer Facilitators Program even before the start of classes to help reach out to students wanting to help their peers and classmates. Election of officers was held in June 16, 2020 which was attended by 16 peer facilitators via zoom and the first online meeting was held in June 18, 2020. Meetings were held to revitalize social media presence last July 13, 21, 24 and 28.  There were Peer Support Group sessions conducted last August 10, 17 and 27 regarding emotional management.
  • GTC accepted invitations from different student organizations in order to share mental health strategies to cope up with the challenges of the pandemic:
    • LPU Scholastic Society last August 15 and 29, 2020
    • LPU PSCAS – Philippine Society of Custom Administration Students – Sept 5, 2020
    • LPU Psychology Society – September 30, 2020
    • LPU ManSoc – Management Society last October 14, 2020
    • LPU UNESCO – October 24, 2020
    • LPU 2030 Youth Force Philippines – Nov 13, 2020
  • GTC collaborated with HRD in conducting webinars to employees about mental health:
    • Reclaim your Power: Self-Care Tips Amidst Crisis – April 1, 2020 (an eBook version of this webinar was released and were given to students and employees to help them cope-up through self-care strategies)
    • Emotional Resiliency for Faculty members and NTP – June 29 and 30, 2020.
    • LPU-SHIP (Spiritual Harmony Inter-faith Project) – A one and a half hours online gathering via MS teams regarding spirituality to help employees cope emotionally. Held last July 1, 8, 22 and August 5, 19, 26. LPU-SHIP is still on-going.
    • Online counseling and consultations are also extended to faculty members and employees and alumni.
    • Mental Health Facilitation (MHF) Training was also conducted to LPU employees last Oct 20-23, 2020 
  • GTC scored and interpreted the online survey for student readiness done by CEL in order to help students assess their readiness as online learners. GTC also scheduled initial interviews to new students to be able to know them and assist them with their concerns. Routine interviews are also extended for upperclassmen.
  • Generated Digital Art for the LPU Manila Guidance and Testing Center Official Facebook Page; Posts Published in preparation for the October 2020 Mental Health Month Celebration by Robert Tyron Narito, RPm (Registered Psychometrician)
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